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This track is gifted from Brenda Williams, her mission is in alignment with mine, to help everyone who wishes to be protected and de-program from harmful unseen frequencies.

Engages all three brains, mind brain, gut brain and heart brain.

Listening regularly allows us to determine the best action, accessed within an embeded pause, providing a moving pathway for information to flow continuously through our physical system.


"We are the flowers of the earth"

- Don Alejandro


Martine ·Belynda is an Inner-self Alignment Specialist



A HUMAN ·BLUEPRINT JOURNEY gives you information about the energy you were born with. Most people are living a life experiencing more downs than ups because they are entangled in other peoples energy. This happens because their own energy is not fully known and therefore is not capable to reaching its full potential.

Knowing your HUMAN ·BLUEPRINT releases you from the downs that do not belong to you, allowing you to live your life how it was meant to be.

The journey is an unfolding of your spiritaul path that leads you to your light so you can have the very best experience possible in this life.

    “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man" 
    - Aristotle



    • Energy Healing, Energy Medicine and Inner self Coaching:
      • Providing outstanding self healing results 
      • An alternative health-care system
      • Helping the body, mind and soul to transform at a sub-cellular level  
    • We are a source of energy
    • It makes sense to heal ourselves using energy
    • Using the HUMAN ·BLUEPRINT System for the mind and emotions
    • The NES Health System for the emotions and body,
    • There is an abundance of information available for your soul.
    • Everything you need is right here

    List of research and articles by Sarah Turner - Head of research NES Health



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