First spend a few minutes to relax and enjoy this FREE 6 minute Chi Energy sound healing clip, it's an excellent way to rebalance and helps bring your energy back to it's centre. Also available to buy: Body-Field Sound Healing CD Click here 



To ·RELEASE your full ·POTENTIAL, you will need help to understand some Universal Laws! And to get that help you have come to the right place.

The whole Universe consists of vibration, different clusters and different patterns. Everything we can see has its own vibration including us humans, individulally and collectively. 


  • Unique and proven techniques to guide you to your own VIBRATION
  • To help you unlock the LIFE CHANGING information from the Universe
  • Create IMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENTS to release your true potential

No mountain is too high when you have the right tools to climb...


I have carried out research for many years as to how our OWN energy impacts our lives


During this research, I was able to:

  • Identify external influences and their impact
  • Find solutions that enable us to work through anything that is outside of our control
  • Develop a DOWN TO EARTH method of understanding that brings you excitement for your future 


    These solutions help us create beneficial outcomes to reach our full potential




    INNER SELF Coaching provides

    • HIGHLY PRACTICAL guidance to meet your needs.
    • INSTANT RELIEF from unanswered questions.
    • PREPARES you for change, helping you to engage with confidence
    • IMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENT that guarantees the best outcome for the time and money you invest in yourself 


    While researching the areas of Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry, Philosophy, and many other areas, I developed my HUMAN ·BLUEPRINT System



    HUMAN ·BLUEPRINT Systems purpose:

    Provide a means of optimum good health and well-being to you on an individual basis

    To slot into place the most IMPORTANT piece of your personal jigsaw

    • Assist you to Release Your ·POTENTIAL on your vibrational journey
    • Forge an alignment with your Life Purpose
    • Help you to remove sabotaging thoughts acquired in childhood
    • Bring you inner-peace, harmony and good health
    • Create memorable positive changes that last a lifetime 
    “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man" 
    - Aristotle



      Powerful Results  
      • Energy Healing, Energy Medicine and Inner self Coaching:
        • Providing outstanding self healing results 
        • An alternative health-care system
        • Helping the body, mind and soul to transform at a sub-cellular level  
      • We are a source of energy
      • It makes sense to heal ourselves using energy
      • Using the HUMAN ·BLUEPRINT System for the mind and emotions
      • The NES Health System for the emotions and body,
      • There is an abundance of information available for your soul.
      • Everything you need is right here

      List of research and articles by Sarah Turner - Head of research NES Health



      Contact me to discover how to start your HUMAN ·BLUEPRINT journey